Tuesday, October 26, 2010

audio interviews on a podcast site

All the audio downloads on this site are now stored and cataloged on a separate website, specifically set up for podcasting. I hope this makes it easier for anyone trying to search out the interviews and personal musings found on hidden-experience.

Presently there is well over 24 hours of listening available HERE.

There is also a LINK on the side bar (at the right) noted as Hidden Experience Audio.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


A "police sketch" done by me from a description from Dan Mitchel. He sent me a rough drawing and a photo of his driveway. Double click for a high-rez view.

I just read a very vivid posting from Dan at LUMINOSITY. This first-person narative is required reading. Linked HERE, and a follow-up story HERE.

An excerpt:
For the first time in my nearly 35 years, I have seen a solid "craft" at less than 20 feet and in a perfectly lucid state early this morning. This is absolutely unprecedented and I am still in a curious inward state because of the experience. Whether this was something that was beamed into my mind, I cannot say for certain.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

impromptu session with Christopher Knowles

Even mainstream TV news tries to figure out what's in the sky.

This morning I was posting links the facebook page that accompanies The Secret Sun blog. I was concerned about the curious UFO reports from New York City on October 13th. Christopher Knowles was commenting as fast I was posting, and I finally emailed him and asked, “Do you wanna talk about this?” And he replied, “You wanna do a quickie podcast on it?” Within minutes we had our headsets on and we were logged into skype.

This wasn’t a formal interview, both of us were speculating off the cuff about what might be unfolding. We ended up overlapping the core subjects of both of our ongoing writings and viewpoints. The conversation ended up getting pretty deep, until we were pondering the search for God.

Balloons? UFOs? Are these a deep reflection of our place in the universe?

We contemplate much, and conclude nothing.

audio download / 1 hour 11 minutes


We dig into the inevitable hoax revelations following UFO reports in the mainstream media, the use of hoaxes as media experiments, the nature of the phenomenon and the various controversies surround it, the strange timing of the NYC "sightings" hot on the heels of all of the stories about UFOs, space travel, exoplanets and much, much more.

Want more? Here are some links that will make things even murkier.

~ Audio interview with Stanley Fulham on Oct 16th. Podcast by Bill and Nancy Birnes. This was three days after the event.

~ UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock. This blog has been carefully logging info about the events of 10/13. This site also has a good collection of youtube clips take that day by people on the street as well as from mainstream TV news.

~ This youtube video makes a good case that what was seen were simply yellow balloons released in times square.

~ New York news report of the publicity event the same day in Times Square with (curiously) yellow balloons overtly featured in the photo and the text.

~ Video interview with Stanley Fulham the author of the book that predicted the events of 10/13. This two part youtube video is hosted by UFO researcher Randy Kitchur

~ Radio interview with a witness, as well as Jim Marrs. There is an excerpt from this interview at the end of the audio file with Chris Knowles.

~ An Associated Press report about a “gas leak” at the radar tower, and an evacuation of the facility. This curious event affected all three of NY’s major airports. Internet murmurings followed.

~ This interesting article about the mysterious "gas leak" from a VERY questionable source, that being Michael Salla.

Extra text from Feb. 1st 2012:
Here's an interesting follow up in a recent news article that contradicts the "balloon" explanation. Linked HERE.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

audio conversation with Adam GoRightly

Adam and Robert Anton Wilson.

Adam GoRightly, self proclaimed crackpot historian comes to my rescue. This guy has a wealth of arcane knowledge and an uncanny skill at connecting very divergent dots. We tried to create some clarity with some contradictory phenomenon, but the outcome was something ever more perplexing. So it goes in this murky realm.

Audio download / 1 hour 45 minutes

NOTE: If the audio link is finicky, try refreshing this page. Or, to download directly to your hard-drive, simply click on the divShare logo (at the right) and then click on the big button labeled "Download"
The loose framework of this interview was all set around these points:

UFOs, occult rituals, secret government involvement, mind-control and the overlapping of hidden dimensions. And lets toss psychedelic drugs in there too just to round things out.

In an attempt to peer into this foggy real, we travel all over the map, touching on Aleister Crowley, Kenneth Arnold, Jack Parsons, Robert Anton Wilson, Terence McKenna, The book of Enoch, Philip K. Dick, Nick Redfern, the Maury Island Event, Doris Lessing, George Adamski, George Van Tassel, the star Sirius, James Shelby Downer, Christopher Knowles, Jim Keith, Ken Thomas, Farah Yurdozu, Kenneth Grant, Allen T. Greenfield, vivid dreams, astral projection, Chica Bruce, the Montauk project, Aaron MacCollum, reality tunnels, dimensional overlaps, ritual magik, Preston Nichols, Peter Moon, Stewart Swerdlow, disinformation, Project Monarch, Brice Taylor, Cathy O’Brien, Dick Cheney, giant shape shifting Reptilians, synchronicities, Neara Isley, Melinda Leslie, Whitley Strieber, Geroge Gurdjieff, Andrew Colvin, Mothman, John Keel, psychic abilities, Walter Bosley, Barbara Lamb, Anya Briggs, channeling, Go-Go dancers ... and (yes) Charlie Mansion.

Want more? Plenty of links below:

Adam’s blog.
Adam’s books.
This clip features the quote from Terence McKenna that we reference in the interview. It starts at about the 7:40 time count.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

a rare look behind the scenes of the Hidden Experience world headquarters

Alas, this was shamelessly lifted and plagiarised from Mac Tonnies blog, Post Human Blues. I encourage everyone to get lost in this delightful collection of postings.

Friday, October 15, 2010

an owl crosses my path

To better understand this little event, I need to share something relevant. At the end of last summer I had seen so many owls, that I needed a way to quantify what I was seeing. It was exasperating, and finally I overtly stated to the universe that I would only pay attention to owls that CROSSED MY PATH. I said it out loud as a declaration. For reasons unknown, right after that, all my owl sightings involved them crossing my path.

There is a bike path right in front of my house that goes straight into the center of the little town I call home. Two days ago, in the late afternoon I saw my old girlfriend from exactly a decade ago, she was jogging with a her three kids the bike path (I’ll call her Carol, not her real name). Two of her children were on bikes and the youngest was in a stroller. I rode my bike slowly along side Carol, and we chatted. Her only daughter (about 8 years old) was on a bike a little ways in front of us.

At one point, her little son said he had cold hands and she pulled out a pair of gloves for him - and at the same time we both realized that I had given her those gloves as a gift a decade ago!

We both talked about all the animals we had seen recently (moose, badgers, coyotes, foxes) and I told her that I’ve been seeing a LOT of owls. Less than two minutes later I saw an owl fly ACROSS OUR PATH and land on a low branch in a tree just a little ways in front of us. I was the only one who saw it, and in the way the bike path turned, I only caught a brief glimpse. This happened near a bridge in small stretch of cottonwoods. I whispered to the two children who didn't see it, and we all quietly walked toward the tree until we were right up close. It was right next to the Teton Creek, right along side of the bike path.

It was a handsome Great Horned Owl, a little less than 18" tall. It had those iconic "cat" tufts that look like ears, and electric bright yellow eyes. This was an unusual sighting in the daylight, and I think this is as close as I have ever been to a perched owl. I'm not kidding, it was probably 15 feet from where we stood on the bike path!

It stared down at us for about a minute, and then casually flew off. It felt like it was posing for us. Everything about the experience was beautiful.

I'll add after the owl flew off, the daughter was asking over and over and over, "Mom, do you love Mike?" This wasn't awkward at all, it was entirely endearing.

Carol and her daughter (who was right up close to the owl in the tree) both show up in the fourth posting on this blog. My friend Kristy held this little girl's hand on the hiking trail the morning after we saw the 3 owls (the first time) in 2006. I’ll add that we all saw a big beautiful moose that morning!

Carol shows up HERE too, in an experience that I can only call psychic.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

audio conversation with Richard Dolan

No, that's not a publicity photo from ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN, that's Bryce Zabel and Richard Dolan, co-authors of A.D. After Disclosure.

If you’ve found your way to this blog, you're probably quite aware of Richard Dolan. He is the author of two great big books, volumes one and two in a series, entitled UFOs and the National Security State. And very shortly there will be a third book on the shelves titled A.D. AFTER DISCLOSURE, The People’s Guide to Life After Contact.

Richard worked with co-author Bryce Zabel, and the content is a speculative look at what seems to be the inevitable event that will change everything, the admission by the big boys in power that, yes, the UFO phenominon is real. It's a bold undertaking to try and speculate about what the future will hold. But, they’ve created an impressive work that makes for a sort of road-map of challenges and hurdles.

Their website for A.D. features excerpts from the book, as well as a series of follow up essays. Rich also has a site called Keyhole Publishing, this serves as the homepage for his other two self published books on the history of the modern UFO age.

To hear Bryce Zabel talking about the same book, here he is on the OPEN MINDS podcast.

Rich has done oodles of interviews over the years, and they are easily searched out on the internet. He recently spoke with Tim Binnall on Binnall of America, and that’s linked HERE, and an older interview HERE.
Dinner at the UFO Conference in Lauglin Nevada, February 2010.

From Left to right: Natascha, me (looking serious), Karyn and Richard Dolan. Also, in the lower right corner is Jeremy Ray's hand.

The book After Disclosure is now available. You can order it from the A.D. site.

Friday, October 8, 2010

questions about disclosure

Before doing the audio interview with Richard Dolan I created a series of questions. As the list got longer, I realized that these were less directed at Rich, and instead a way for me to deal with the confusing issues that have arisen as I dig deeper into this subject. These questions were a way for me to help me wrap my mind around the elusive and ephemeral concepts.

I am so disappointed with this exo-political community that is pleading for Disclosure. I worry they have not adequately addressed some of the challenging issues that are implied in these questions. This document was created in a sort of flurry, it was simply a tool to help me deal with my personal exploration. Some stuff gets repeated, there are typos and it’s not really all that well thought out. But, the core content of the quandary as I see it is there.

I’ve shared these 17 questions (in no particular order) because I feel that that trying to articulate these elusive ideas is really important - at least to me.